Find Your Music Tech People – Open Mic

The world is a crazy place but we can still find support from each other. Join this free, online open mic to find your music tech people and make connections, especially as we move into conference season. RSVP Here and Find Your Music Tech People! For those attending SXSW, let’s get the networking…


AI Music Meet Up at SXSW

Whether you’re an AI music founder, a record label, or artist manager, now is the time to figure out how AI and music will evolve together. This AI Music Meet Up is built to help you meet more people in a SXSW hour than you might meet in a whole day. This will…


Music Tech Founders and Inventors Support Group at SXSW

Creative innovators in music and tech face similar challenges no matter what mad inventions they are bringing to life. Too often they try to face these alone. The Music Tech Founders and Inventors Support Group Meet Up is the place for tech founders, inventors, and musical instrument makers to come together, collaborate, network…


How to Startup – Hear from the Expert

Hear from expert Bob Moczydlowsky, former Managing Director of Techstars Music, what trends and investment shifts he sees shaking up the music tech startup space. RSVP here to join Bob Moz! Join this event to learn what he has to say about the value of  incubators, accelerators, pitch competitions, events, and more. From prepping…

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