Founded in 1999, rock paper scissors, inc. is a PR firm comprised of a diverse team of fourteen communicators, creatives, and business minds. We have represented over 1000 projects from six continents. Our growing roster includes international and domestic clients in technology, music, holistic health, events, publishing, design thinking, and social innovation.


We’re dedicated to:


  • deep storytelling—by uncovering the most compelling aspects of your company or projects and connecting them to current trends
  • delivering results—by connecting you to press and business development opportunities.
  • keeping you informed—by providing weekly reports and PR analytics, and allowing you to help inform PR strategy.


We also coordinate industry conferences, workshops, and other events, including the DIY Musician Conference, Independent Authors Conference, APAP Wavelengths Preconference, SXSW meetups, and more.


We consistently place feature stories in the New York Times, Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Billboard, Rolling Stone, and on NPR. Please visit our Online Press Kits to see the types of press releases we write and placements we secure for our clients.

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Dmitri Vietze


Born in Nashville, Dmitri moved to NYC as a teen where he busked in the subways while studying music at LaGuardia “the Fame High School” for Music and the Arts. After earning his business degree, he developed workshops using global music to show cultural differences as opportunities. He helped Portland record distributor Allegro set up a PR department and then started rps to focus on his global music and entrepreneurial passions. Upon launching his tech startup, StoryAmp, rps began to attract music tech companies. Dmitri is known for his crazy pants, infinite stream of ideas, and joyful engagement -- whether in writing, speaking one-on-one, or presenting at conferences ranging from SXSW to SF Music Tech.

Sheryl Woodhouse


With an MBA, twenty-five years of management experience, and founding several businesses and cultural and music festivals, Sheryl is a creative problem solver with a talent for business strategy. She brings thoughtful direction and structure to a staff of fifteen and the hundreds of artists and music tech companies we partner with annually. Sheryl has worked in socially-responsible entrepreneurship, publicity, environmental conservation, fundraising, and as a business coach for artists and business owners. When not at rock paper scissors, Sheryl loves travelling and doing anything outdoors.

Tristra Newyear Yeager


With thirteen years of editing and research experience plus a PhD to her name, Tristra specializes in crystallizing the most compelling aspects of your business and personal story and tying them to larger issues and industry trends. As our lead writer and strategist, Tristra is a key member of your publicity team, and someone you’ll get to know well as she interviews you monthly for your latest press release. She has been a creative force at rock paper scissors for twelve years, where she’s known for synthesizing copious amounts of knowledge at the speed of light. Her love of music stems from her days as a record store employee, continuing through her career as a professional singer and student of Carnatic and Eastern European traditional music, and into her life as a publicist. She writes novels and researches Siberian history in her spare time.

Jeff Greene


As a professional musician himself, Jeff understands the daily challenges modern musicians and music companies face. He manages our team of publicists and keeps our campaigns on track, making sure we continue to refine our strategy, engage our creativity, and push the press to meet your business goals. With 60 original composed works across four complete albums, self-managed and promoted tours across Europe and America, a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Indiana University and a Master of Music in Composition from DePaul University to his credit, Jeff has a real-world education in matters of copyright, publishing, licensing, record label deals, publicity, and promotion. His years of industry experience and relationships help strengthen his connection with journalists and news outlets, furthering the reach of your message. His has a keen interest in sustainability and he still loves listening to vinyl.

Jade Prieboy


Jade brings six years of business development experience to rock paper scissors. He draws on expertise gained working in the start-up world and maintains a focused curiosity for all-things-tech. Jade acts on new business opportunities and seeks to support our clients by connecting them with our team of innovative writers, creatives, and business minds. Outside of work, his interests range from beat-making, gaming, and motorcycles, to social activism. Jade enjoys all the cultural opportunities Bloomington offers and lives with his partner, Allie, in the nearby neighborhood of McDoel Gardens.

Abby Noroozi


Having spent the last 12 years running an eco-friendly retail business, Abby brings extensive marketing, business development, and social media experience (over 47K Facebook fans) to managing our music sales and music publicity team. Strategic planning, following trends, and doing research are a few of her favorite things, which is a boon for rock paper scissors’ artist clients. She is always seeking out new bands, finding creative solutions to problems, and is constantly making things happen. In 2015 she was awarded ‘Top 10 Under 40’ in Bloomington, IN for her work in business, non-profit volunteering, and fundraising. Outside of work, Abby loves to see live music and spend time with her husband and two kids, often around a table because her kids are total foodies.

Ben Michaels


As a cultural anthropologist who has researched musical performance as a mode of political resistance among various marginalized cultures around the world, Ben brings a uniquely ethnographic perspective in telling the stories of his world music clients. He has worked for several years in the independent music distribution industry, while also pursuing a doctoral degree in the political anthropology of Tibet. When not immersed in socio-cultural theory or pitching good music to journalists, Ben spends his time travelling and exploring the world with his beagle Lulu.

Christine Brackenhoff


Trained in the hard-knocks school of publicity (an internship with rock paper scissors), Christine became keen on research, campaign strategy, and creative innovation. After graduating with a B.A. in Telecommunications, she proceeded to work in multimedia marketing and production at home and abroad, giving her a unique connection with content creators. Christine is thrilled to be back with rock paper scissors as a tech publicist, staying afloat on industry trends and collaborating on eclectic solutions for clients. Around town, she enjoys the live music scene and goes by “DJ Bracky Brack” as a community radio volunteer.

Julia Thomas


After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications, Julia spent time working and riding up mountains in Los Angeles before she Bloomeranged back to town. Julia’s background working in sales and marketing at home and abroad in Ireland helped sharpen her communication and creative thinking skills to find solutions for clients and effectively connect with the press. When she’s not at work, you can find Julia riding a bike, drinking cappuccinos, or writing about the two in her cycling blog.

Ron Kadish


With twenty-five years as a nationally touring classical, jazz and rock bass player and with numerous recording credits to his name from singer-songwriters to orchestras, Ron’s music career has been an invaluable contribution to the rock paper scissors mission. Organized and decisive, he provides a sense of calm to his clients and utilizes his background to connect with journalists in new and dynamic ways. His insider perspective and determination make Ron an invaluable publicist to rock paper scissors gamut of talented writers. When not working, he is kayaking, performing shows and walking his dog

Sarah Matthews


Born in Cameroon, Africa, Sarah developed a fascination with cultural diversity from a young age. With a BA in Arts Management, she is passionate about social improvement at the intersection of art and technology. Sarah’s interdisciplinary background in radio production, music marketing and food banking allows her to experiment with new perspectives and to never stop asking questions. In her spare time, Sarah works on a podcast about her first love, music. She also writes, records and performs her own compositions.

Tyler Volkmar


Skilled in the fine art of PR through his internship at Rock Paper Scissors and a BA in Arts Management from Indiana University, Tyler is an artist turned publicist with a unique perspective on the entertainment and tech industries. Driven by his passion for music, he is fascinated with entrepreneurs like Lady Gaga and Kanye West, who find bold and effective ways of communicating through art and technology in the modern age. When he’s not pitching journalists, Tyler is a singer, DJ, and a fantastic dancer.

Joseph Tzeng


Before becoming a Web/UI/UX Designer, Joseph spent over a decade as a Software Engineer after getting his M.S. degree in Computer Science from Indiana University. The software development experience has helped him realize that design should never be an afterthought. He decided to devote more time to design in 2013 and has been working with his clients closely from initial product design to final implementation. His current focus is to bring web technologies and design together to build user-centered products with balanced aesthetics and usability. Aside from playing with pixels and bytes, he enjoys watching Japanese dramas with his wife during his free time.

Stephanie Topologus


Stephanie plans and manages live events for clients, like the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference as well as for rock paper scissors' upcoming Music Tectonics Conference. She has 20+ years of experience in the arts and non-profits organizations. After earning a Masters Degree in Arts Management at The American University in Washington, DC, Stephanie worked for several major cultural institutions including the National Gallery of Art, National Academy of Sciences, and the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin, where she specialized in developing signature events and experiential marketing. A Bloomington native and Indiana University alumna, Stephanie returned to her hometown to raise her son James near extended family and is thrilled to support and further the arts in town.

Tina Somes


Born and raised in California, but now a Hoosier at heart, Tina started out in her father's construction business doing the books and finances. With 20 years of office experience, Tina is the go-to employee for all rps needs. When she does have a spare minute -- in between owning multiple rental properties, attending her children's school activities and spending time with her husband -- you can find her in her backyard relaxing with a glass of wine (or a beer!).