The Rock Paper Scissors team at the Music Tectonics Conference

Chief Strategy Officer Tristra Newyear Yeager presents at SXSW 2023

RPS is committed to translating our PR success into positive impact on the environment, now and in the future. Our team chose to support planting and sustaining tree cover, since studies have shown lasting impact on climate change long term.

In 2022, RPS supported tree cover in Africa with Trees for the Future, and in our hometown with Canopy Bloomington. We committed to planting 10 trees for every media placement, adding up to over 11,000 trees that year! The trees we help plant will capture carbon, feed families, fight desertification, combat climate change, and promote climate equity at home and abroad for years to come.


We get influential people to talk about your music tech company so you can generate leads, make sales, do deals, and attract investment. We devise PR campaigns using out of this world creativity to get you high level media coverage.

Founded in 1999, Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. is a music tech PR firm composed of a diverse team of communicators, creatives, and business minds. We have represented thousands of projects from six continents. Our roster includes clients in music technology, music gear, B2B music agencies, music consumer products and apps, artist-facing and label services, music sync platforms, music AI, fintech for music, and much more.

We have worked with CD Baby, Bandsintown, LyricFind, Pex, Dubset, Tracklib, Loudr, Rumblefish, SESAC, and many of the biggest and coolest music tech companies in the world. We consistently place feature stories in the New York Times, Wired, TechCrunch, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Billboard, Rolling Stone, and on NPR.

The rock paper scissors office space reflects the "business crazy" creative thinking the team brings to music technology publicity.

Dmitri Vietze
Founder & CEO

Born in Nashville, Dmitri moved to NYC as a teen where he busked in the subways while studying music at “the Fame High School” for Music and the Arts. After earning his business degree, he leaned into his entrepreneurial bent and launched Rock Paper Scissors in 1999. His vision was to combine cutting edge technology and deep organic storytelling to help clients crystallize their missions in compelling ways and amplify them in innovative ways. He continues to lead the company from music to tech and into other fields that are changing the world every day. When others told him that the company he envisioned would not succeed in college town Bloomington, Indiana, he took that as a challenge and has built a collaborative team that leans into the Midwestern ethic of hard work, warmth, and caring. Dmitri can also be found speaking on stage at conferences ranging from SXSW to Music Biz on new approaches to publicity, innovation, and resourcefulness.

Allison Fory Hall
Allison Fory Hall

Allison has experience leading teams in a wide variety of industries, including government, healthcare, manufacturing and performing arts, enabling her to draw on best practices and engineer solutions. With a strong background in HR, combined with her natural inclination for process improvement, she is passionate about making experiences better for employees and clients alike. As a classically trained pianist and vocalist, Allison is excited to be a part of the wacky world of music tech, supporting creative people doing amazingly creative things. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, she lives in Bloomington with her husband James and two young daughters.

Tristra Newyear Yeager
Chief Strategy Officer

As our Chief Strategy Officer, Tristra oversees PR and client services and guides strategic planning at a high level. Tristra has been a creative force at Rock Paper Scissors for nearly two decades, crafting PR strategy for clients at every stage of the business cycle and in many music innovation niches, from B2B back-end services to DTC music-making gear. With over 20 years of writing, editing, and research experience plus a PhD to her name, she’s known for synthesizing copious amounts of knowledge at the speed of light. Tristra’s work is driven by a love of music that stems from her days as a record store employee, continuing through her career as a professional singer and as a concert presenter in New York, and into her life as a publicist. She writes novels and researches Siberian history in her spare time.

Eleanor Rust
Marketing Director

Eleanor loves that marketing lets her use every part of the diverse skill set in problem solving, research, and writing that she acquired in her previous work. A dozen years in the academic world, as a PhD in Classics, a Fellow at the American Academy in Rome, and a teacher of languages and literature, honed Eleanor’s communication skills. As a freelance writer for arts & heritage organizations and then as RPS’s staff music writer, she relished developing client’s unique voices to communicate the excitement of their creative work. To each project, she brings boundless curiosity and contagious enthusiasm for learning new things. Off the clock, Eleanor sews her own historical costumes and reads 19th century novels.

Shayli Ankenbruck
Head of Events

Shayli organizes the annual Music Tectonics conference and was instrumental in pivoting the event to an all-digital format in 2020. A graduate of Indiana University, Shayli’s past roles at RPS have included everything from editing podcast episodes to assisting the CEO. She furthers her pursuit of education through YouTube videos about editing audio and self-help books when formal education hasn’t sufficed. Having played jazz piano, flute, and saxophone all throughout primary and secondary school, she’s eagerly striving to be at the center of the music and tech industry. In her free time she enjoys exploring all the nature Bloomington has to offer and has a passion for the environment and human rights. Her loves include family, the lake, traveling, and cows.

Zeynep Yasar
Campaign Manager

Zeynep joined Rock Paper Scissors as a tech publicist after earning a PhD in Communication and Culture at Indiana University, where she focused on film culture and contemporary politics in her native Turkey. After cultivating deep insights into publicity, outreach, and storytelling during her 2+ year role as a publicist, Zeynep continues her RPS journey as campaign manager. She leads multiple campaigns and a team of publicists, securing press coverage and making sure her clients’ media recognition entails consistently growing recognition and business development opportunities, as well as establishing their public profile as key industry leaders. Outside of her work at RPS, she enjoys thinking and writing about cinema, seeing shows and movies around town, and playing board games with friends.

Jonathan Streetman
Senior PR Strategist

After nearly a decade in the newspaper industry and most recently as a wearer of many hats at a small tech startup (with a dash of English teaching abroad in between), Jonathan is excited to combine all that he’s learned to continue telling stories as a Senior PR Strategist at Rock Paper Scissors. He’s also thrilled to have an excuse to go see live music on weekdays again. On most pleasant afternoons Jonathan can likely be found out on a local disc golf course throwing frisbees at metal baskets with his friends.

Anna Barnett

Following her graduation from Indiana University where she studied Public Relations, Anna joined the Rock Paper Scissors team as a tech publicist. Her previous roles in social media marketing, strategic communications, and content creation have shaped her perspective on the PR industry as an opportunity to solve problems while building relationships that last. As a life-long music lover, she is thrilled to discover creative solutions for clients in the world of music.
Outside of the office, Anna enjoys running, hiking, playing guitar, spending time with friends and family, and crafting new creative projects.

Leland Grossman

After graduating from Indiana University with degrees in Human Organizations Management and Spanish, Leland “Lee” Grossman worked in social media content development for candidates running for political office. Lee uses his marketing background to establish credible brand presences in the media for his clients. As a tenacious team leader, Lee excels at generating story ideas and building media relationships. Outside of work, Lee enjoys songwriting and performing live music, jamming with their RPS colleagues, and spending time in the metaverse.

Emily Frances

After earning a B.A. from Butler University in Music Industry Studies in 2018, Emily began working for Live Nation. In that time she garnered a wide variety of experience in venue operations, giving her a unique, hands on perspective of music and music tech. Between her work experience with Live Nation and as an artist herself, Emily discovered her passion at its root is helping creatives grow their businesses. She brings that intention to her work at Rock Paper Scissors. In her free time Emily writes and records her own music, spends time in nature, and plays with her cat, Alley. (And yes, Alley is adorable.)

Brendan Raab

Since graduating from The New School in NYC at the end of 2019 with an MS in Media Management, Brendan has explored several industries within publicity work. His experience ranged from a music publicity firm representing household names like Dua Lipa all the way to servicing clothing apparel brands. Brendan has long been a fan and supporter of the artistry that goes into creating music and the hard work that goes into releasing songs to the consumer. Brendan is excited to put a bold and creative perspective from his niche music business experience to work for his clients. Assisting music tech companies this way is one of the many bonuses he appreciates about working at RPS. Outside of work, Brendan spends time with family, friends, and his adorable huskimo, drinking coffee and surrounding himself with nothing but positive energy.

Emily McGee

Emily McGee joins the Rock Paper Scissors team with over 15 years of experience in the performing arts arena.  After receiving her master of Music degree from Indiana University, Emily has worked both on stage and behind the scenes for various theatre, opera, and film companies.  Emily is excited to put her multifaceted creativity and dynamic communication skills to good use as a publicist at Rock Paper Scissors. Outside of the office, Emily enjoys improv, acting, and puppetry design and performance.

Meg Banich

Quick, detailed and extraordinarily kind, Meg Banich is adept at industry research, trend pitching, and filling in wherever is needed.
Her education and experience have led her to the intersection of media and music – earning a degree in Media and working for the California Music Hall of Fame, among others. At Rock Paper Scissors, she strives to combine her love of music and passion for storytelling to create long lasting relationships and solutions for all clients. She’s always sporting artist merch. And when not at the office (or attending a concert), you can find her browsing book aisles or shooting 35mm film on her dad’s old camera.

Christian Harp

Christian started as his career in music tech in the illustrious Rock Paper Scissors internship program and has blossomed into a stellar Publicist, approaching every situation with positivity, humor and a dazzling smile. He’s diligent, hard working and cares deeply about his client and journalistic relationships. Outside of work, Christian enjoys attending live music events and traveling with friends. He is also currently learning how to play the guitar.

Holly Metcalf
Junior Publicist

A music connoisseur through and through, Holly has dove headfirst into the world of music tech during her time at Rock Paper Scissors—first as an intern, and now as a Junior Publicist. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Arts Management with an intent to pursue a career in the music industry. She cut her teeth in the industry as a journalist for an electronic music publication, where she combined her lifelong love of both music and writing. As a music journalist, she wrote over 120 articles and conducted media coverage for renowned festivals including Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, interviewing billed artists and reviewing the festivals. Drawing on her prior journalistic experience, educational background, and zest for music and knowledge, Holly has enjoyed immersing herself in her new Junior Publicist role and connecting with her peers. Outside of work, you can find Holly at a local show supporting the Bloomington music scene, curled up on the couch playing guitar, or collecting new experiences with her friends and family.


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