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What is Stories for Ways & Means?

Ten years ago the founder of Waxploitation, Jeff Antebi, had an idea to ask his favorite music artists and favorite contemporary painters to come together and collaborate on original children’s stories for a children's' literacy benefit project.

Today, 29 of those pairings make ...

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Benji Michaels

Hearing Voices: Waxploitation Records Releases Stories for Ways and Means as an Unconventional Audiobook

When Waxploitation Records founder Jeff Antebi, arts entrepreneur, conflict photographer, and former manager for GRAMMY Award-winning artists like Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse, and Broken Bells, asked acclaimed songwriters with unconventional perspectives to write a children’s story, they worked as songwriters do: building characters, moods, and worlds in a short span of words. First a limited edition book illustrated by leading artists, Stories for Ways and Means is gaining new dimensions as an audiobook.

These stories aren’t exactly child-oriented, but like the best children’s stories they need to be read aloud. Giving these stories voice energizes the wordplay, rhythms, and rhymes that mark these stories, and let you know they were crafted by gifted songwriters. Listening to the Stories for Ways and Means audiobook with stories that are read aloud by the writers themselves—or by narrators who are also talented artists—it’s easy to feel like a child hearing a favorite aunt or uncle spin tales. Who doesn’t want to have Gary Numan be their uncle?

The audio edition of Stories for Ways Means includes stories by Tom Waits, Gary Numan, Devendra Banhart, Alison Mosshart, Matthew Dear, Spencer Krug, Elliphant, Anna Von Hausswolff, John Vanderslice, Satoshi Matsazuki, Sera Cahoone, Örvar Smárason, and Jason Lytle. Narrators include Lizzo, Ken Nordine, and Lauren Mayberry as well as the writers themselves.

Audiobook tracks drop every other Friday beginning March 15, 2019

March 15    Matthew Dear    Two Bears
March 29    Gary Numan    The Very Tall Tree
April 12    Spencer Krug    Right on Rosie
April 26    Alison Mosshart    Wishing Well Fountain
May 3    Tom Waits    Circus (Narrated by Ken Nordine)
May 10    Elliphant    A Boy Named Tim
May 24    Anna Von Hausswolff    The Little Boy and The Glowing Globe
June 7    Devendra Banhart    La Banerita (Narrated by Lizzo)
June 21    John Vanderslice    Penelope and the Succulent (Narrated by Lauren Mayberry)
July 5    Satoshi Matsazuki    Little Hollywood
July 19    Sera Cahoone    Merle is a Fat Orange Cat
August 2    Örvar Smárason    Marglytta (Jellyfish)
August 16     Jason Lytle    The Chickadees of Highway

(more to come)


Sales of SFWAM help several non-profits benefiting children’s literacy, including Pencils of Promise, Warchild, 826 National, and Room to Read. See for more details.