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SyncFloor is a marketplace of commercial music to be used in advertisements, film, TV, video games and more.  We are revolutionizing sync licensing, from music discovery through license clearance. Whether you’re a music supervisor on a dramatic film, a music researcher at an advertising agency, an editor on a documentary, ...

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Alexa Ennis

Music Licensing Platform SyncFloor Hires Business Development Manager

SyncFloor, the commercial music licensing platform, is announcing the hire of Shellie Lewis as its first business development manager. Lewis will guide the startup as it builds relationships with advertising, TV, film, gaming, and music professionals to expand SyncFloor’s customer base.

Lewis has designed and project managed visual and marketing assets for major labels and major studios, including Sony and Universal. She has managed recording artists and worked closely with talent, seeing all sides of the creative work it takes to make music meet picture.

“Finding a candidate who could grow our partnerships with music supervisors, advertisers, film/TV producers, video game producers and others on the ‘buy-side’ of our marketplace, while at the same time helping us to work with music providers on the ‘sell-side’ of the marketplace was tricky,” notes Cestjon McFarland, SyncFloor co-founder and Head of Business Affairs. “Shellie’s experience producing content for advertising agencies and digital production companies gives her a deep understanding of the industry use cases for SyncFloor, including how it applies to emerging forms of produced content. Her work as a talent manager and with major and independent music labels provides a foundation of credibility with professionals in the music industry. We are thrilled to have her join our team!”

“For nearly 20 years, my career has oscillated between the business side of music and the digital side of advertising and production, but never have the two paths met. SyncFloor initially approached me to ask about including the catalog of my client, Ceschi Ramos, and his label, Fake Four Records, on SyncFloor,” says Lewis. “I was blown away by the initial demo. From a seller perspective, SyncFloor solves issues of catalog visibility, process transparency, and transactional efficiency. And as a former advertising producer and animator, the collaboration tools SyncFloor offers were a kismet sign. I am excited to have found a new home where my practical experience in both fields is an asset to this unique product and team.”