Dmitri Vietze
Nov 15, 2022
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Rock Paper Scanner: Curated Trendspotting

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YouTube Music and Premium hits 80 million?!
We hit 80 million?! YouTube has surpassed 80 million Music and Premium subscribers globally…


Hipgnosis: Sustainable or Momentary Music Disruptors?
GM readers, Happy November!It’s been a couple months since the last newsletter. But we’re back…

MSG Entertainment Revenues Jump 36% on Packed Performance Venues
Madison Square Garden Entertainment’s quarterly revenues surged by 36% to $401.2 million, an…

YouTube Content ID processed 758m copyright requests in 1H22
News – Music Ally
YouTube has published its latest copyright transparency report, covering the first half of 2022. It…

Amazon Music for Artists adds two more merchandise features
News – Music Ally
Amazon Music has been making a significant push recently around merchandise, encouraging artists to…

The coming long-tail cull
MIDiA Blog
When governments plan to introduce controversial new policies, they prepare the ground in advance…

What Is Mastodon and Why Are People Leaving Twitter for It?
Continue reading the main storySince Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter, some of its users have…

Patreon is making video a battleground for creator allegiance
MIDiA Blog
With jitters building in the advertising market, YouTube appears vulnerable to challengers….

Pressure mounts on TikTok over its music royalties payments
News – Music Ally
There has been a steady increase in the chorus of grumbling from music rightsholders about how…

Elon Musk says Twitter will soon ‘share revenue with content creators’. Will that include music?
Music Business Worldwide
Musk says Twitter is planning to host its own longer-form video content – and share revenue with…

Audioshake wins Swimming with Narwhals music-tech startups contest
News – Music Ally
Stem-separation startup Audioshake has another feather in its cap this month: it won the Swimming…

Trending 2023 – Download trending 2023 report
Find out the signals of consumer rebellion that will shape 2023 and beyond with how to act on them…


Games have raced ahead to build Web3, but it’s not too late for music
The following op/ed comes from Bruno Guez, CEO of digital rights administration company Revelator…

Billions being spent in metaverse land grab – BBC News
Nearly $2bn (£1.75bn) has been spent on virtual land in the past 12 months, as people and companies…


Teenage Engineering’s Latest Musical Toy is a $2,000 Collection of Singing Wooden Dolls
It’s now all but impossible to predict what Teenage Engineering’s next musical contraption will be….

When Technology Makes Music More Accessible
Continue reading the main storyIn Britain and Ireland, a series of recent projects show the rich…

Swedish engineer creates playable accordion from 2 Commodore 64 computers
Ars Technica
Enlarge / Linus Åkesson playing his homemade “Commodordion” in a YouTube video. (credit: Linus…

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Founded in 1999, Rock Paper Scissors, Inc. is a music tech PR firm composed of a diverse team of communicators, creatives, and business minds. We have represented thousands of projects from six continents. Our roster includes clients in music technology, music gear, B2B music agencies, music consumer products and apps, artist-facing and label services, music sync platforms, music AI, fintech for music, and much more.

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About Dmitri Vietze:

Dmitri Vietze

Born in Nashville, Dmitri moved to NYC as a teen where he busked in the subways while studying music at “the Fame High School” for Music and the Arts. After earning his business degree, he leaned into his entrepreneurial bent and launched rock paper scissors in 1999. His vision was to combine cutting edge technology and deep organic storytelling to help clients crystallize their missions in compelling ways and amplify them in innovative ways.

He continues to lead the company from music to tech and into other fields that are changing the world every day. When others told him that the company he envisioned would not succeed in college town Bloomington, Indiana, he took that as a challenge and has built a collaborative team that leans into the Midwestern ethic of hard work, warmth, and caring. Dmitri stays at the cutting edge of music tech innovation by hosting the weekly Music Tectonics podcast and the annual Music Tectonics conference. He can also be found speaking on stage at conferences ranging from SXSW to Music Biz on new approaches to publicity, innovation, and resourcefulness.


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